July 2013.

Oh poor neglected website! Ill try to update slowly over the next few months. By adding another halfassed unfinished comic from my past.

If anyone reading this wants to rebuild this site from scratch in exchange for some original pages, let me know.

Im now on the twitters, And you can enjoy my ribald incisive wit at a rate of 2 tweets a month!

Also a blog which I update exactly %8 more often than this website.

Over My Dead Body is now available to read in the comics section. Its a labour of love from 2001 I made with the very talented Mr Tim Molloy. I still had alot to learn when I drew it but it got me my first real gig in the industry and it seems weird to keep it hidden away forever.

This would have been the cover for it.

Baltimore...As of this writing, Vol 1 (reprint should be available next month) and Vol 2 are available and Vol 3 is due to be released at the end of the year. Im two thirds of the way through Vol 4.

Im currently not taking any comissions. For original artwork inquiries please contact my art rep Royd Burgoyne, If he dosnt have what you're looking for, you can email me a request.

Thanks for coming!